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Thursday, December 19, 2013

"NOTHING IS BEYOND OUR REACH"... Ain't dat da truth???

Please excuse my spelling.  It's hard not to snicker when one sees our government agencies being so blatantly honest about their activities, especially when so many of those activities are immoral, illegal, and often just a waste of taxpayers' dollars.

Even as we continue to hear of the seemingly endless eavesdropping by the NSA, the previously little-known (at least to most Americans) National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), which is one of 16 (count em, 16!!!) U.S. "intelligence" agencies, has been spending like Bernie Madoff and launching sophisticated spy satellites into orbit for several decades.

For its most recent (and highly classified) satellite mission, the NRO has created a seal that truly lays bare its overall mission (and pretty much the mission of the entire National Security State for that matter).  Yes indeed - "NOTHING IS BEYOND OUR REACH."  Of course, the octopus with its tentacles around the Earth helps drive home the message.

One thing is certain - The NSA is one hungry "octopus."  

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