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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nearing our goal to send Ashley Joppa-Hagemann to MIC at 50


I've already received many email pledges to help send Ashley Joppa-Hagemann to the MIC at 50 conference (see previous post for details).  Thank you all!!!  Thank you one and all.  I've already gone ahead and purchased Ashley's tickets and the conference organizers have added her to the list of speakers, which includes Ret. Col. Ann Wright, Ray McGovern and Bruce Gagnon.

I'll update the thermometers below as we receive both pledges and as the money rolls in.  Things are heating up.  Thanks!!!



P.S. - The second half of Amy Goodman's 9/30 interview with Ashley on Democracy Now is now posted at the Democracy Now Blog.  Watch  Army Widow Calls for Recognition of Husband’s Service After He Commits Suicide Ahead of Redeployment.  The interview includes Jorge Gonzalez, Executive Director of Coffee Strong, a veteran owned and operated coffeehouse across from Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Note: Both thermometers updated 9/3 at 12:30 pm)

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