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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gaza the Strip Maul

Have any of you noticed that essentially every news story coming out of the corporate media (particularly television) about the Gaza crisis has had a pro-Israel angle to it? Have you noticed that every pundit produced by the networks has found some goofy metaphor for why it's alright for the Israelis to pound Gaza with its phenomenal firepower?

Well, John Stewart has pulled together the absolute best of the pundits in a recent bit he calls Strip Maul. If you don't yet believe that nearly every politician in Washington, D.C. is eating lox and bagels out of the hands of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), watch this video!

Wouldn't it have been nice if the Israelis had at least cleared all of the 43 million meters of land containing cluster bombs in Southern Lebanon (from its last debacle) before starting to bomb the Hell out of Gaza. But lest I digress, the point is that this madness (leaving an estimated 917 Palestinians dead and 4100 wounded) must stop. The U.S. Senate (in a voice vote) gave its unanimous support to a resolution supporting the Israeli attack on Gaza, and the House of Representatives passed the resolution by a vote of 390-5.

If you don't think that blanket support of the Israeli's military action is right and that it will only weaken any chance of a negotiated ceasefire (not to mention any chances for peace), call (or email) your members of Congress and tell them what you think! The voices of reason and peace need to drown out the droning of the warmongers. Click here to find contact information for your members of Congress.

In such an atmosphere of mass conformity (as evidenced by Congress) there must be a counter presence for peace. You can be that presence.

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