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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A National Security State Lexicon

After some serious postings, I thought we should take a break, have some fun.

In today's increasingly complex (and dangerous) world where enemies lurk around every corner, it's ever so important to have a vocabulary to express our nation's need to conquer and control just about everything in sight. Today's National Security State requires a complicated lexicon that can be used to completely mystify the citizenry while making people believe that our nation's leaders have everything under control. It's all about euphemisms, doublespeak and propaganda.

So, welcome to National Security State Vocabulary 101. When you finish, you will be the talk of the cocktail party circuit. Impress your friends and family. Nail that next job interview (at NSA or Raytheon). However, you may not want to use some of these terms while going through airport security; you might just end up in the back room suffering all manner of indignities.

This small list is just a start; there are scores of bizarre words and phrases out there. If you think of any other interesting words or phrases (I still don't have anything for the letters V, X or Z), click on the "comments" link at the end of this posting and share them. If you are stumped by any of these, just type them in to your search engine and see what comes up. Have fun!

Next time, back to the serious stuff,


A is for Aggressive Isolationists, although it could also be for ATM (what our government apparently represents to “defense” contractors
B is for “Bring ‘Em On” and Ballistic Missile Defense (the ultimate "Faith Based" Program)
C is for Coalition of the Submissive, er Willing, Collateral Damage and Campus Crusade for Christ Military Ministry, and lest we forget the Constitution (the document that has been figuratively shredded over nearly eight years)
D is for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Disruptive Technology Office (DTO) and Data Mining
E is for Extraordinary Rendition, Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, Empire and U.S. Air Force's Eagle Eyes program
F is for Full Spectrum Dominance, Faith Based Programs
G is for Guantanamo, Global War on Terror and Global Diplomacy (that’s a good one)
H is for Homeland Security
I is for Information Awareness Office
J is for Joint Interrogation Operations
is for K Street Project
L is for Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (think Halliburton lining its pockets)
M is for Mission Accomplished and Military Tribunals
N is for “Nucular” Weapons (what GW says Al Quaida wants to get their grubby hands on) and Network Centric Warfare
O is for Offshore Prisons and Outsourcing
P is for Preemptive Strike and Patriot Act, Private Contractors (can you say Mercenaries), Project Bioshield and Prompt Global Strike
Q is for Quaint (what Attorney General Alberto Gonzales called the Geneva Convention)
R is for Reliable Replacement Warhead
S is for Space Control
is for Total Information Awareness (TIA) Program and Terrorism Information Awareness Program (what they renamed TIA after adverse media reaction)
U is for Unipolarity
is for Warrantless Wiretapping and Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation (think School of the Americas re-branded)
is for “You’re either with us or against us.”

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